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Sydney Environment Institute: Reimagining a Climate Changed Future

Sydney Environment Institute: Reimagining a Climate Changed Future

SEI publishes new report on climate change and transformative community action

…except from University of Sydney, 9 December 2021

The first publication from a collaborative research project on community-driven, already-existing transformative action on climate change has arrived, examining work underway in Australia.

By Anna Sturman, SEI Content Editor (Temporary)

SEI is proud to announce the publication of ‘Reimagining a Climate Changed Future: Local Examples of Community Based Transformative Action’ (pdf, 5.7MB), a report prepared as part of the larger research project, Transforming Future Imaginaries from the Ground Up, which brings together the Sydney Environment Institute (SEI), India and Bharat Together (IABT) and the Social Entrepreneurship Association (SEA) to explore how communities in Australia and India are reimagining their futures through their practices.

The broad project situates the climate emergency as, in part, a crisis of imagination that limits the possibilities for action. Seeking to address this crisis of imagination, the project focuses on and draws out some of the alternative imaginaries that are emerging amongst communities as they create the possibility of more relational, sustainable and ethical forms of life in a climate-changed world.

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