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Costas-sation — join CGA to win

Costas-sation — join CGA to win

By Costa Georgiadis, CGA’s Ambassador, October 2021.

Community Gardens Australia (CGA) is a voluntary organisation set up to help support and provide resources for networking and advocating for community gardens all around Australia.

But, they need your help. By becoming a member, your not only giving them some valuable money to help fund their work, but you also get to be part of a bigger network of community gardens all around Australia

CGA membership benefits

As part of your membership, you get some great discounts for wicking bed equipment from WaterUps, worm farms from Subpod, Pip Magazine, events with Sustain, the Australian Food network, a regular newsletter, and of course an invitation to events.

Go in the draw to win

And, if you join up this month (October 2021), we have what we have called a Costas-sation with me.

You can have a half-hour Facetime conversation at your community garden and you can show me around, ask me questions, we can brainstorm about any ideas or problem areas you might have some ideas for. I can talk to the children, we can have a laugh, and generally, catch up and chat.

If you head over to and sign up now because together we’re stronger.


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