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Brimbank Community booklets

Brimbank Community booklets

Brimbank Guide to Community Gardening

Growing food can help improve food security, promote healthy eating, increase physical activity, build community connections and enhance opportunities for sustainable living.

‘A Guide to Community Gardening in Brimbank’ is a useful resource for residents and schools interested in growing and expanding their knowledge on sustainability and gardening.

Whether you’re growing at home, growing at school, considering joining a community garden, or starting a community garden, we’ve collated the resources you need to get going. 

Link to Brimbank City Council’s information on community gardening (they are based in Victoria).

Brimbank Community Governance Handbook

The Brimbank Community Governance Handbook is a fantastic resource, particularly for those just starting out in community gardening governance. Lots of helpful information is contained in its pages as well as loads of extra resources you can find or get in touch with. Highly recommended for new gardens.

Click on the link below for more details about page other resources that could be of use for new gardens, particularly in Victoria.


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