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Blog links food waste to compost links food waste to compost

ShareWaste is a great online way to connect people who want to recycle their kitchen waste with neighbours who are already composting, keep chickens, or have worm farms. It is an excellent way of diverting waste from landfill and of building community.

It is very simple to join up to the website – it only takes a couple of minutes – and you can register as either someone who has waste to give away or as someone who is willing to receive that waste. Quite a number of community gardens are now listed on the site as willing to receive waste.
There is an excellent map that is easily browsed for your location and lists all of the people and gardens where you can drop off your waste. From this, you simply send a message to the person you want to drop waste off to and, hey presto! We’ve diverted waste from landfill!

It would be great to see more community gardens listed on this fabulous resource.


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