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2015 Sydney CG meetUP — May — Rosebay CG

2015 Sydney CG meetUP — May — Rosebay CG

Story and photos by Russ Grayson, May 2015

THE OCCASIONAL BURSTS of cold wind off the harbour did little to diminish the conviviality of the circle sharing their community garden stories this afternoon at Rose Bay Community Garden.

The seasonal gathering of the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network Sydney region, present were gardeners from Camden Community Garden on the NSW Southern Highlands, North Sydney’s Coal Loader Community Garden, Randwick Community Organic Garden, Glovers Community Garden in Lillyfield in Sydney’s Inner West, James Street Reserve Community Garden and Charlies’ Garden in the City of Sydney, Waverly Park Community Garden and the crew from Rose Bay, the host garden.

As always at these events, food was contributed and we were treated to its diversity of tastes and edible textures as well as a tour of this orderly and rather new community garden — it was only opened in the latter part of last year. Nonetheless, the gardeners are already looking forward to installing a flock of chooks and already offer workshops, education being a benefit of membership of many community gardens.

Present was Emma Daniell, who led the garden design process and who trains gardeners in seed saving and other gardening skills. Thanks to people like Emma, people can join community gardens knowing nothing of gardening and soon become competent growers. For Emma, Rose Bay is her local community garden.

Representing the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network were president — avid home and Glovers community gardener — Jane Mowbray, and the Network’s young vice-president, Sarah Ladyman, who was instrumental in setting up Sydney University’s rooftop community garden.

Good to see present were the children of the Rose Bay gardeners. Community gardens are family friendly places and for children they are more like an adventure playground.

The Network’s visits are seasonal happenings and the next is this July at Camden Community Garden near Bowral on the Southern Highlands. None present today have seen a community garden with a rosemary hedge that gives it the shape of a platypus.

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Cool Autumn day in a convivial garden…

The Sydney regional, quarterly gathering of the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network in Rosebay Community Garden…

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