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2012 Sydney gathering — February — Randwick CG

2012 Sydney gathering — February — Randwick CG

We’ve got lots to show!

Now THIS is a rainwater tank… and a work of community garden art. The artists with their work.

Randwick Community Organic Garden will give us a brief outline of their Committee and operating structure, a tour of the garden, our Permaculture principles and layout, solar and battery system, chooks, biopod, a range of composting systems, water storage and distribution and aquaculture.
We also would like to talk about plans for a National Gathering in Sydney next October and set up an organising group.

Tell all your community garden friends to come along!


  • Randwick Community Organic Garden, Paine Reserve, Botany Road, Randwick (northern side of the soccer field just off Meeks Street)
  • Directions: We are located at the NORTHERN end of the reserve off BOTANY street and opposite MEEKS street. Rainbow st runs along the southern border. Keep your eyes peeled for the entry gate at the end of the park and drive in.
  • Coming down Gardeners Rd. (from the Princes Highway at Tempe, you turn left at Dacyville park lights, first left after Houston street. Look out for Flower Power Nursery a kilometer back on the right and a Greek orthodox church about 200m out on the left. Turn left at Dacyville lights, into the big Kingsford roundabout, straight through to rainbow street, up the hill, past Amber tiles, past three streets on the left and turn left at the park, right at the end of the park opposite Meeks st. Coming down ANZAC Parade, just stay on it till you hit the big roundabout in Kingsford, turn left and follow the directions above past Amber tiles.

WHEN: Sunday, February 26, 2012
TIME: Arrive at 10:50am for a 11:00 start – 1:00pm finish


  • 11:00am Tour of Randwick Community Garden Community GardenCommunity gardens—tell us your story, what have you been up to?
  • 11:30pm Community gardens—tell us your story, what have you been up to? Planning for the national gathering in October. International Composting Week activities
  • 12:00pm Break into discussion circles around your interest area with other gardeners
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 1:00 Finish


  • great stories about your gardens or any ideas you have to discuss with other gardeners
  • finger food to share for lunch and cool drinks if desired
  • plate and cutlery for yourself.


  • tea and coffee, milk, sugar
  • mugs and serviettes

Catch you there….

Comments (3)

  • Steve Cooper
    24/02/2012 at 8:32 pm Reply

    Hi All
    Would love to have been there especially after being at the last one, unfortunately i am on leave, would love some feedback on letters of understanding/lease arrangements between gardens and councils as this is something we have to look at, if anyone has any docs. they can help me with and wouldnt mind sharing can you email me links,can i also extend a welcoming hand if you are looking for a venue for the next gathering Camden would love to have some visitors.

  • Steve Cooper
    18/05/2012 at 10:56 am Reply

    Hi All
    Is there any information as to the next meeting in or out of the sydney basin, which i know must be coming up, unfortunately i was overseas for the feb meeting so havent been privvy to any details since, i can be emailed by stephen.cooper(at)

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