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Charlie’s Garden-open for growing

Charlie’s Garden-open for growing

IT’S 11AM on the sunny and warm Saturday morning of 30 October in Darlington as Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, opens the Charles Perkins Reserve renovation. A part of the makeover of the Reserve is Charlie’s Garden, a small food garden managed by a group of local people.

A roving jazz and pops quartet enlivened the morning with music, as did the free coffee and muffins provided by the City of Sydney.

It’s a shared garden, Charlie’s, a couple of rows of raised beds of recycled bricks built by Sydney Organic Gardens and finished by the gardeners in a September working bee. Now, the seedlings that were planted then are growing, tended by the gardeners who have set up a watering roster.
Charlie’s Garden demonstrates how community gardening can be incorporated into the design of city parks as one of the land-use options. The Reserve also has passive recreation, a children’s playground, BBQ, and shaded sitting areas below the mature trees.

View photos of the construction of Charlie’s Garden.

Some of the Charlie’s Food Garden crew with Lord Mayor Clover Moore.
Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, reveals the plaque for the renewed reserve.
Discovering worms at the children’s wormfarming workshop.
Discovering worms at the children’s wormfarming workshop.
A little worm juice to make the new garden grow.

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