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A rolling landscape of herbs, vegetables and berry fruit

A rolling landscape of herbs, vegetables and berry fruit

IF YOU VENTURE into Punchbowl Reserve in Launceston, Tasmania, be sure to visit the community garden there.

It’s a large garden, part of which occupies a northward facing slope to bring the year-round sunlight needed to grow vegetables and herbs in these southern reaches of the continent.

Wide, smooth paths take gardeners and visitors into the garden and to their allotments. The allotments are large enough to grow herbs and vegetables in quantity — and are of a size to make Sydney community gardeners envious.

A broad selection of cool temperate climate vegetables, herbs and berry fruits grace the allotments through the year.

Situated on council land, the community garden features a timber shelter and lock-up storage in the one building.

This is a garden worth seeing next you come to this fertile island.

The scale of the community garden can be seen in this picture, although it shows only part of the area occupied by allotments. Note the wide main path that takes people deep into the garden and well-made garden edges. The buildings behind the fence are Launceston City Council depot.
The community gadren occupies a north-facing slope, giving year-round access to sunlight. The allotments are of sufficient size to produce food in quantity.
Raised garden beds make gardening easier for less-mobile community gardeners. Irrigation spray tube and bird netting to protect crops can be attached to the lintel above the garden bed.
Big and ready to eat, a cabbage occupies a corner of an allotment.
The community garden allotments display a high productivity, with a diversity of crops in production.
Healthy vegetables, a compost bin and mulched gardens — all basic ingredients of successful community gardening. The netting over the crops keeps them from becoming dinner for hungry birds.

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  • Kevin Turner
    08/01/2010 at 12:08 am Reply

    Hi, the gardens look great! I have visited Punchbowl but had no idea these gardens were there. So is it OK to just go and have a look around? I would love to try and establish a similar thing where I live (George Town) so would welcome any info on how it got to this stage?

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