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Community garden research bibliography

Community garden research bibliography

The Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network first published Community Gardening: An Annotated Bibliography in 2008. Community gardening has been the subject of increasing academic and professional attention since then, and this revised and expanded edition includes the latest research and analysis.

Why an annotated bibliography?

The Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network is dedicated to producing resources to promote and support community gardening.
We often receive requests from students and researchers looking for information about community gardening, and from community gardeners seeking evidence of the benefits of community gardening for their submissions and proposals. We hope this publication will meet their needs and encourage and facilitate further research.

What’s included

Community Gardening: An Annotated Bibliography includes brief descriptions of guidebooks and manuals, books, Doctoral, Honours and Masters theses, articles in academic and professional journals, and a number of other research-based documents, such as project evaluations and submissions.

In addition, there are brief introductions to sources on key areas that provide additional context and evidence for community gardening: therapeutic horticulture, urban and civic agriculture, food security, organics and permaculture.

The emphasis is in this publication is on furthering understanding of community gardening in Australia. Hence we have attempted to be exhaustive in our inclusion of Australian sources. Community Gardening: An Annotated Bibliography also includes many sources from and about North America and Britain. It doesn’t include all published research about British allotments, though it does include a number of articles that raise issues relevant to Australia. The substantial literature on gardening in schools is also omitted, but will hopefully be covered in a future publication.

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  • Michael Neville
    27/08/2010 at 12:13 am Reply

    Hi Claire,
    Just wanted to say how fantastic this resource is. The original one was great and I’m sure the second edition is better! Incredibly useful – I’m regularly contacted by students and community members for further information or leads on research, and this is the perfect tool.

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