9. Useful skills

…for community garden organisers

You might find these skills among your community garden group or in community college courses, your local library or on the worldwide web.

Technical skills:

  • garden soil preparation and garden construction
  • propagating plants from seed and planting out
  • compost making
  • using mulch
  • organic pest management
  • conserving water in the garden
  • how to draw up a planting calendar for gardening through the seasons.

Interpersonal skills:

  • participatory design processes,  decision making and problem solving
  • conflict resolution
  • facilitating meetings
  • negotiating
  • helpfulness, tolerance, patience and a sense of humour
  • the ability to think laterally, develop innovative solutions, make do with what is at hand and apply your own creative intelligence.

Planning and starting your community garden by Russ Grayson + Fiona Campbell, 2002

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