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The Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network (ACFCGN) has a diverse, skilled and capable team working to linking people interested in community gardening around Australia.

Ours is a community-based organisation where people interested in city farms, community gardening, food gardening in schools and other community food systems share their stories, their knowledge, their ideas.

Within its limits, the Network:

  • advocates on behalf of community gardeners and city farms
  • provides education and information on our website and social media
  • provides a mapping service to document city farms, community gardens and other community food systems around Australia
  • provides email discussion lists nationally and in some states
  • advises local government, institutions and communities interested in establishing community gardens
  • documents the development of community gardening in Australia
  • is available to the media.

ACFCGN rules of association

ACFCGN is an Incorporated Association registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria. The name of the in corporated association is Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network Incorporated, registration number (coming soon).

ACFCGN’s ABN is 765 052 285 56.

View ACFCGN rules of association (pdf 278MB)

Our 2015-16 management team

  • President — Jane Mowbray (NSW)
  • Vice President — Sarah Ladyman (NSW)
  • Secretary — John McBain (WA)
  • Treasurer — John Brisbin (QLD)
  • Media liaison — Russ Grayson

State representatives

  • NSW — Emma Daniell
  • NT — Naomi Lacey and Cindy Eiritz
  • SA — Geoffrey Pook
  • TAS — Nel Smit
  • VIC — Peta Christensen
  • WA — Charles Otway

Support teams

ACFCGN ambassador

  • Costa Georgiadis

Communications — website, social media, eNews, media statements etc

ACFCGN distributes a seasonal eNEWS and we welcome your stories. You can email stories and photos to Jane at nsw@communitygarden.org.au

  • Jane Mowbray — eNEWS coordinator
  • Russ Grayson — media liaison and editor
  • Fiona Campbell — website coordinator, eNEWs graphical support
  • Emily Gray — eNEWS support
  • Sarah Ladyman — eNEWS support

Sydney coordinating team

The Sydney team organises Sydney Regional MeetUPs, represents ACFCGN at events and presentations and support to the NSW map directory. The team are:

  • Jane Mowbray
  • Russ Grayson
  • Fiona Campbell
  • Ling Halbert
  • Sarah Ladyman
  • Emma Daniell

Membership admin and promotion

  • Jane Mowbray is nominated for this position at the next AGM

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