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BEING PREPARED for community gardening is always a good idea and the publications here are designed to help you do just that.

These booklets are offered by the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network under a Creative Commons licence for community gardeners, non-government organisations, local government and sustainability educators to download, print and distribute unchanged.


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Farmers of the Urban Footpath

Ideas for urban food gardeners and local government




Download (pdf7.7 MB) from ISSUU


Materials for building community gardens

Community gardens need to do more than work well—they need to be sturdily built and look good. The ideas in Materials for Building Community Gardens come from insights derived while working in local government and assisting people start community gardens as well as with community garden start-up groups. The materials are recommendations for good looking, safe and easily-useable community gardens.

Download (pdf 1.86 MB)

Common objections to community gardens

Despite more than 30 years of community gardening in Australia, the idea of micro-farming the suburbs is new to many people. Unfortunately, in hearing of plans to start a community garden, some people react negatively and object. Objections fall into the categories described in Common Objections to Community Gardens, but the good news is that they are avoidable by applying design thinking and by educating gardeners. The purpose of Common Objections to Community Gardens is to familiarise people planning to start community gardens with objections they are likely to encounter so that they can be prepared in advance to respond to them.

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